The Dogma of Spirituality; Even Enlightened Beings Get Lost

It’s Friday morning and I’m rummaging through my mind as to what to write about for my next article…

I have TONS of information and ideas to write about, trust me…but for some reason when it comes time to write I cannot focus on a particular subject matter. My mind wanders…Writer’s block anyone?

Then I make a stop over to the Peace & Justice Center here in Burlington to drop off some more chakra bracelets and t shirts and instantly my topic for this article comes to light.

I begin talking to my friend Mary Beth who was volunteering and she asked me what I am most passionate about…

What a great conversation starter!

I proceeded to tell her “I am passionate about enlightenment and spirituality…” (Oh and Lions!) Read more

Finding Gratefulness In the Midst of the Ego

Learning to Embody the Phrase:

“Thank you!”

This two word phrase is possibly one of the most overlooked, under-appreciated, and yet most powerful known to all of human language.

It has the ability to create enormous smiles, fulfill souls, deepen connectedness to all things, and provide GRATITUDE for everything that has manifested in our lives through our desires.

It is a phrase so overused in common interactions, we sometimes forget what it means. Our intention sometimes gets lost in the phrase itself. And on the contrary it is not used nearly enough.

What do I mean by this?… Read more