Finding Gratefulness In the Midst of the Ego

Learning to Embody the Phrase:

“Thank you!”

This two word phrase is possibly one of the most overlooked, under-appreciated, and yet most powerful known to all of human language.

It has the ability to create enormous smiles, fulfill souls, deepen connectedness to all things, and provide GRATITUDE for everything that has manifested in our lives through our desires.

It is a phrase so overused in common interactions, we sometimes forget what it means. Our intention sometimes gets lost in the phrase itself. And on the contrary it is not used nearly enough.

What do I mean by this?… Read more

The 7 Major Chakras; How You Can Activate Yours and Start Vibrating at 100%

This is an article on ancient knowledge. Knowledge that is not taught in mainstream schools and education. In my opinion, this information is vital in exploring who you really are and what possibilities you can bring to life!

This is information that should be resonating in all schools and education systems… but for many reasons is not.

Well…shall we begin? :)

In India, it is commonplace as to the knowledge of chakras. I can’t imagine a city or province where someone would not know what I am talking about in reference to them. It is becoming more common here in the U.S. but only a yoga/holistic level. Read more

How To Find Your Passion & Optimize Your Life With This One Simple Lifestyle Change

Saying Goodbye to the Matrix & Igniting Your Passion!

For years I was that guy who went to work, came home, vegged in front of the TV, and watched the minutes turn to hours and hours turn to days. Soon these days would lead to months of procrastination and an intense lack of soul fulfillment. What comes after months you might ask?

You got it…YEARS of nothing TRULY being accomplished in my life.

I had no idea how to end this never-ending expiration of quality time until I made this one lifestyle change and I will NEVER look back… Read more

How to Overcome Your Fears in a World Full of FEAR!

How I became more in touch with my fears, learned to embrace them, and ultimately found my essence – Unconditional LOVE

This is an article about my journey to inner peace and knowing we are in full control of our realities.

As a child, I was programmed into a set of beliefs that many children in America hear over and over – go to college, get a degree and be somebody with your life. I was constantly hounded on my grades, performance, and discipline as well as exposed to small town’s limited grasp of the world – how we should look, act, and feel. None of which concerned my actual soul’s essence of Love and Selflessness. Don’t get me wrong, love was present but in such distorted forms!  Read more