How The Mainstream Music You Listen To Affects The Frequency and Vibration Of Your Life’s Experiences

Mainstream Music’s Influence on the Modern Era

What musical artists make you feel alive? Which ones inspire you into greatness?

For me, all I have to do is play some Bob Marley in the morning and instantly, my day is set on the highest vibration possible.

The Universe and everything in it is comprised of three main ingredients – Energy, Frequency, and Vibration. Combined, they are the building blocks to consciousness and life itself.

The level or form of consciousness you are at present is directly related to the level of each of these three ingredients.

For example, one and two dimensional objects vibrate on a lower frequency than three dimensional objects and the same goes for all life forms that are conscious. EVERYTHING has these three ingredients. Both living and non-living. Read more

The 7 Major Chakras; How You Can Activate Yours and Start Vibrating at 100%

This is an article on ancient knowledge. Knowledge that is not taught in mainstream schools and education. In my opinion, this information is vital in exploring who you really are and what possibilities you can bring to life!

This is information that should be resonating in all schools and education systems… but for many reasons is not.

Well…shall we begin? :)

In India, it is commonplace as to the knowledge of chakras. I can’t imagine a city or province where someone would not know what I am talking about in reference to them. It is becoming more common here in the U.S. but only a yoga/holistic level. Read more

Living Truth. How You Can Truly Honor Your Soul!

Living Truth is term I like to use when talking about honoring your soul and life’s purpose while living on this planet. It has a lot to do with the topic I discussed on Focused Thought. They are highly interconnected and work off of each other.

Living Truth is just what it states – living the truth that will master your reality, optimize your experience, and ultimately help you relieve your suffering and karma. Truth is a hard thing to come by nowadays with the overabundance of sources and knowledge available.

My Truth is found at my core – my heart. No matter what I read or indulge in, I always run it by my heart. It’s the same as a writer giving the rough draft to the editor before he/she finalizes his/her thoughts on paper.   Read more