The Power of Positive Thought – Yoga by the Lake

The Balance of Work & Play

As I started to wind down my Friday, I decided to go for a much needed bike ride with my dog Nova. This would provide some time away from working on my website and focusing on balance. As well provide my dog with the needed exercise he deserves. I had the intention of doing some Yoga by the lake (Lake Champlain) as it was the perfect spot for pure relaxation and union with nature – the water, birds, trees, wind, and sunset!

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Weekly Yoga with Sarah Manzi

Yoga? or You?

by Sarah Manzi (Studio Exhale)

We may think we are going to yoga to increase strength, flexibility, find peace, make change, do a funky pose, reduce stress, whatever the reason be, but really, yoga is doing much deeper work.
The word yoga in the dictionary means “to union.” Yoga allows you to see all the different parts of yourself and to be accepting of them; whether good, bad, ugly, pretty. When you start to become more familiar with these parts of yourself, you begin to see that these parts lie within all of us. 

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