What is consciousness?

Consciousness is everything you see, feel, smell, hear, touch, think, talk, sing, and so on. It is also everything you cannot see or hear or smell. It is nothing and everything all at once. It is Oneness. It is known in modern science that our Universe consists of both light matter and dark matter, both adding to the Oneness that makes up your reality.

The light matter is said to make up approximately 1-2%, whereas dark matter makes up the other 98%. That means there is 98% of information or experience we are simply not computing as human beings using only 10% of our ability! Consciousness is all that and more. Even the word itself is consciousness.

What does that mean exactly? Well, it means that everything you can imagine or already have preconceived in your brain is

actually all one thing. It is all consciousness.

On the contrary, we are taught in mainstream education that only sentient beings are really conscious, therefore, a form of consciousness. We hear it in school, on TV, and on most mainstream internet sources.

In Buddhism, a sentient being is defined as a being that is conscious, such as you and I. A dog, an ant, a moth and so on. But in all actuality, everything is conscious from birds to music to rocks, tables and so on.

So if I were to smash a rock with a sledge hammer and crush it into dust, I would be changing the way that consciousness is experiencing itself. It is a falsehood to say that only beings that can feel pain or emotion are the only ones who are truly conscious.

The planet is conscious of everything we are doing to it at this very moment!

With that being said, you can also see that the word itself, consciousness, is conscious. It is vibration and energy emanating from another form of consciousness. Throughout your entire file cabinet of information stored in your brain, you have beliefs and set definitions of how things are.

We have set beliefs that things are what we call them and only that. This is true in the sense that a chair is chair because we have now labeled it. But at it’s essence, when broken down beyond words, it is not true because of the limited constraints of the word chair.

We label it as we see it or feel it, but the human language is so limited in it’s power that we fail to truly see or feel it as it really is. We have programmed definitions and terms for objects, places, ideas, etc from our trust and programming coming into this world. It is drilled into our brains over and over until we begin to actually speak it as a young child.

The main source of our preconceived definitions come mainly from our parents, teachers, media, etc. This is how human beings have integrated learning and teaching, using words to communicate. When in reality, they fall very short of their mark.

Now that we can grasp the fact that knowing nothing is as we think it is, because thought itself cannot even begin to comprehend what actually is, we can separate from the attachment of our beliefs of consciousness. Even my attempt right now has no justice to the magnitude of what I am actually trying to describe.

Words are there to attempt to communicate what is actually being felt at our essence. If you asked ten people to describe love, you may get ten different answers. Again, this is due to the limited expression of words. And moreover, if you were to ask a Yogi or Monk what consciousness is, they would probably just have you close your eyes and open them, saying “that is consciousness.” This is because words, although beautiful in their intention will only blur over the actual experience itself.

In closing, consciousness is all around you. It is the air you breathe and the water you drink. It is the job you can’t stand going to and the holiday dinner you can’t wait to eat. So enjoy every moment of it because it is the experience of self that truly matters, whether good or bad, right or wrong. Everything is consciousness!

 Why should I care about consciousness?

Some people will live their whole lives never asking the question, what is consciousness? That’s OK. I am in no way telling people what to do. Therefore, in my opinion it is not 100% necessary for you in this particular lifetime to address this topic.

I am very open to the idea of living many lives so this one may not be your time but I’m guessing it is just in the simple fact that you are reading this right now . I was told at one point in my life, “everything happens in divine right timing.”

Through my own experiences, which I will discuss at a later time, I firmly believe in this statement. Life goes on no matter what, whether people ask or not! But I will attest to the fact that if you do probe this question, your life will change dramatically for the better. You will most certainly go through some pitfalls, doubt, confusion and torment in truly understanding it or for some you will simply “get it.”That is not to say that the road to getting to this question is easy. Often it comes from hardships and rock bottom situations.

Why should you really care? Well, wouldn’t you want to know what you are at your essence? People are so drawn to the Ego and

what their “identity” is so why not dig a little deeper and find some real truth. You are far more than anything you think you are.

Don’t limit yourself! You should care about consciousness because everything affects consciousness – your thoughts, words, emotions, and actions all affect this. Why? Because it is you at your core, your inner most being.

If you can fathom the fact that the planet is part of your Self, would you ever hurt her or throw trash on her ground? Maybe you would if your self esteem is low or you feel separate but ultimately you are just throwing trash on yourself.

So, like Native American philosophy, treat the earth as an integral part of your being. Essentially, you should care about consciousness because you should care about yourself and take care of yourself in the best ways possible. Mind, Body, and Soul!

How does consciousness affect Planet Earth/The Universe?

Since we can understand that everything is consciousness, we can assume through the cause and effect scenario that what you do to mother earth will affect you as well. And the same goes for the Universe and the Cosmos/Multi-Cosmos.

Anything that has awareness of Self (human beings) has the ability to affect the Self. The rest just is. It is in the state of just being as it should be. Human beings were given free will and at some point in your soul’s evolution, you became separated from the Self. You felt the need to be an individual to the whole.

This is your opportunity right now to change that and live truth. To see everything as it is and should be is not easy. That is why you are in this search. You already know what you are, you just need a reminder. Remind yourself daily that the Planet can be affected as easy as your friend or child when you say something nice or hurtful. Cause and effect, action and reaction. Cutting down 30 million acres of trees in the Amazon rainforest will not make its provider happy right? So try to make a conscious effort to live in accordance with being connected rather than separate.

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