How Frequency and Vibration affect Water and your Consciousness

This is an amazing video of an experiment of how water is affected by sound and energy conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto.

It is known in modern science that human beings are made of 70-80% water. Aside from water, we are constructed of numerous minerals and elements which are also found everywhere in the Universe.

In the Mid 1800s, there lived a man known as Nikola Tesla. He was nothing short of a genius. He was as an inventor and engineer, among many other things and practically mastered electricity. He created an invention that could provide the world with free electricity by using the magnetism of the Earth.

In his mind, the Universe is energy, frequency, and vibration as One. If we can come to realize at our essence, that we are the Universe and everything in it as one connected soul, we can understand the power of his insight and research. Through pure intention of our own energy, frequency, and vibration, we can manifest our realities into beautiful masterpieces.

We have the ability to change the water composition in our bodies from moment to moment, essentially changing our body’s entire dynamic. With Tesla’s research and the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto, we have palpable evidence of how we can change our bodies, along with our Universe!

Everything in the Universe is connected so as you change yourself, the Universe is instantly and forever changed. Check out the video above and see for yourself. As Bruce Lee would say, “Be water my friend.” :)



This is truly Amazing to see! I will let go of anger, frustration, doubt…all negative thoughts! I will embrace peace, love and give thanks always!



Thank you!

Aron Jett

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