Why This? Why Now?

My name is Christopher Wilusz, creator of Life.Is.Balance.Is.Life and I currently live in Burlington, VT. I am a Registered Nurse in an Intensive Care Unit working full-time but on my days off I am working full force on providing the world with this website and all it offers – blog posts, interactive email, videos, guest articles/posts, products, and more!

For many years I have wanted to tell the world My Story. A story conveying hope and optimism for all those struggling with doubt and fear in a very fear based controlled society.

On this site, I will express my views as well as sell inspiration created by inspiration!

This site is an objective look into my experiences as well as others’ experiences and how ancient and modern programming of the human mind can create intense suffering and chaos in a circle of karmic entanglements. And how, despite all the deception and control, we can overcome and find our soul’s essence, LOVE. Love is the key ingredient and secret to all life.

So with love, all things are possible!

I have found through years of research, intense introspection, and experience that balance is the key to life.

Life is balance and balance is life! Simply!

It is the key to unlocking your being’s potential to grow in this intense and ever-changing world we live in. Balance of the mind, body, and soul must be achieved for optimal success.

Karma is another part of that process that must be met and dealt with objectively. The law of Karma is an entanglement that our souls have been living out and battling with for eons.

Karma, with it’s many different definitions and interpretations, is in my opinion, the cause and effect energy you put forth into the universe, your soul’s consciousness, and ultimately, you’re experience. But what many don’t know is that human beings can go far beyond Karma if they are willing.

You can free yourself of the repetitive non-sense you have been so attached to that has been holding back your being’s full potential. You’re soul as well as your DNA cries out for it!

Some people believe we are stuck in karma forever. Not true. It is our illusion that karma controls us, when in reality we control karma. Now most people will agree with that but do they really believe it and live it? The answer is no. You can tell from our current state on this planet. However, human beings are waking up more and more every day.

I, myself became “awakened” about 18 months ago. Ever since, I have transformed my life for the better and took full control of how I want to live my life. I have realized that when dreams arise and opportunities knock, you must slam that door down with more passion and heart than ever before.

Don’t look back or doubt, just do. And backed by divine power/spirit, the heart, mind, and soul as ONE can accomplish anything!

So, that is the reason I have decided to share with the world how I, myself was once programmed for so many years and how I came to be the free being I am today. I will discuss how you yourself can become free of suffering, fear, doubt, anger, Ego, low self-esteem, bad-habits, etc. and build a reality your soul wants for you. Freedom from all attachments that do not serve your higher self and ultimately your evolution as a conscious being experiencing itself.

I will also discuss such topics as meditation, consciousness, diet, holistic health, global concerns, misinformation/programming, as well as much more.

The time is now for all of us to put aside our differences, find our individual dream, and live it. Not 5 years from now, not 10 or 20. NOW! My passion is Truth and sharing it with as many people who are willing to listen, discern, and utilize. I am no master, expert, or anything really. I am a human being who has awoke from a really, really, really long sleep and I wish for you all to sleep no more. :)

Peace, Love, & Light

Chris Wilusz

p.s. I do not claim any information on this site to be absolute Truth for Truth is only found in one’s own self – it is inside each and every one of you. This is my experience and how I found my Truth. So please discern the information provided and either disregard or utilize. We all have choices to make. It is our choices that manifest our present reality. Make yours a beautiful one. Namaste!