The Dogma of Spirituality; Even Enlightened Beings Get Lost

It’s Friday morning and I’m rummaging through my mind as to what to write about for my next article…

I have TONS of information and ideas to write about, trust me…but for some reason when it comes time to write I cannot focus on a particular subject matter. My mind wanders…Writer’s block anyone?

Then I make a stop over to the Peace & Justice Center here in Burlington to drop off some more chakra bracelets and t shirts and instantly my topic for this article comes to light.

I begin talking to my friend Mary Beth who was volunteering and she asked me what I am most passionate about…

What a great conversation starter!

I proceeded to tell her “I am passionate about enlightenment and spirituality…” (Oh and Lions!)

As the conversation reached its midway point talking about the pineal gland (The Third Eye) and what it is capable of and how one can open it, we started to touch upon how even spiritual people can get lost…well we didn’t use that word but that is the word I am going to use here – LOST…

Notice how I didn’t use the word wrong…I’m doing my best to display non-judgment here. Can’t you tell? :)


I guess I could use stupid because let’s face it we all get stupid from time to time, even the most enlightened characters on this planet. We’re human remember.

I use the word lost because that is exactly what I mean when a person becomes engulfed in spiritual dogma…they are essentially lost.

According to, lost means unable to find one’s way or bewildered, confused.

How did this topic come about you may ask?


We started to talk of a spiritual gathering she was going to attend/host and throughout the planning, she couldn’t help but clash with the other host on what was right, who should lead, etc. It seemed the other host was very much into controlling what was done.

So she ended up forgoing the venture.

As with all truths, most people feel their truth is the right one. It is the all knowing theory and idea of how and why things are the way they are.

We all have our own perspective. It is all relative. But what happens when the ego gets involved and starts controlling who is right and wrong?

It becomes the egocentric version of how things are. The lost version. The spiritual dogma begins to surface and enter the atmosphere.

In religion, there is dogma EVERYWHERE. It’s become so sickening that most people have become atheists and refute religion altogether. I can’t blame them! Check out the graph and statistics here…atheism on the rise.

Moreover in spirituality, there is an understanding on a macro level that there is a common bond and knowledge base that spiritual people operate under – love and connectedness to all things.

On the micro level, there is SO MUCH to spirituality that it becomes impossible to eliminate the dogma that arises.

Somewhere along the line, we lose sight of this great truth of love and connectedness – and the simplicity of enlightenment.

We become fixated on who’s more spiritual or more enlightened. Who’s mantra is better. Who has the best Reiki healing energy techniques. Which gurus have the best path mapped out for pure enlightenment.

It gets ridiculous. Overwhelming. Saturated. And very DOGMATIC.

So much so, that the bad energy meant to be eliminated, begins to enter the conversation, mean things are said, and before you know it, all connectedness is lost and the love disappears entirely.

This is when spirituality begins to take on a religious dogmatic feel.

The conversation, the people involved, and the intention gets LOST.

How and why does this happen?!?

Well, I’ve been there and I’ll do my best to try and explain.

Just over 7 months ago, my brother and I used to live together and discuss spirituality on a daily basis. We would delve very deep into the meaning of enlightenment and how one becomes enlightened.

This is what I would call our transitioning phase. Transitioning from ‘the search for’ to the ‘discovery of’ and actually living it.

This was by no means easy. Actually, it was the hardest time in my life!

We were already awake, spiritually speaking. We had glimpses of enlightenment and spiritual awareness all the time but to live it in every moment was not easy.

A momentous time in one’s life but all the while, very hard on the mind, body, and soul. These periods make or break a person.

I like to think we are still making it. :)

But during this time, my brother and I, as loving as we were, became fierce and downright mean. Our conversations would start out slow and genuine with the purest of intentions.

The intentions were to help each other awaken our souls to the illusion of suffering we all experience on a day to day basis. We were good at assisting each other when we became confused.

But no more than 10 minutes into the conversation and we are at each others’ throats fighting a battle than cannot be won.

We agreed on probably 99% of what we talked about but that 1% seemed to tear us apart at the seams, almost leading to physical altercations at times. Crazy huh?!

Two brothers in our late 20’s who love each other almost physically fighting over how to love more. Insane!

We would argue how the ego tries to control the process of awakening, manipulating our thoughts and theories of how things are. Ironically, the ego was doing just that. Interfering with the love that was present and pushing us farther away.

I won’t get into details on why this was so extreme for the sake of my brother not being here to defend himself. But regardless, it came to a point where we couldn’t stand talking to one another, let alone being in the same room.

How fucking stupid we can be as humans when the ego gets in the way! Who’s right? Who’s wrong?

Well, luckily our pride was very much diminished and we would forgive each other within a day or two, or even hours and move forward but more and more moving away from having these types of conversations.

It reached a point where we knew the ultimate solution was to be apart from each other. We both needed space to work out our differences and mend the mean things that were said.

We both knew 100% that we loved each other like brothers do and that we never meant anything by our harsh words at time. And after all, we both had the same end goal.

My brother ended up moving down south and living with some friends. We have forgiven each other 100 times over and talk every now and then on similar topics over the phone but with much more wisdom and grace.

Our egocentric pride has seemed to disappear altogether and we have a common understanding and respect for each other.

The Moral of My Story…

Truth is relative. Love is universal. The course in which someone reaches this understanding is neither right nor wrong. Emphasis matters most on the end goal. And that end goal is loving all things connected and remembering you are loved.

That’s it. I really don’t have to explain much more to be honest.

But I will for this article’s sake ;)

As with religion, spirituality also has it’s dogmatic nuances which play sides in a game that really has no sides.

No matter how versed one is at healing the chakras, or using their third eye to become more intuitive and predict the future or see spirits from other dimensions. IT DOESN’T MATTER.

No matter how versed one is in eliminating bad energies or entities from their auric field. IT DOESN’T MATTER.

No matter how much this webinar or class will activate your DNA better than the other class. IT DOESN’T MATTER.

It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong or which one is better.

What matters is this…

Everything you experience is relative in nature. To try and explain something with words that cannot be explained with words is only setting us up for failure or dogma.

We came into this world as love. Innocent little babies full of love. This I know for sure.

It is our purest intention that matters most. Babies have one intention – to love and to be loved.

And in spirituality, all practitioners have a common understanding of connectedness and unconditional love. It is a beautiful thing to indulge our curiosity and eagerness towards growing as spiritual beings, but we must not get lost in our own stupidity of the ego.

Dogma can surface at any time and usually comes in the shape of the ego – which is a way of control.

To tell someone who is trying to move closer to love, that he or she is doing it wrong is counter-intuitive and detrimental to your own evolution.

The best way to become enlightened is to realize you are already enlightened. Eliminating all the things that distract you from what you already are.

The best way to do that is to live love. Just be. Simply. In all circumstances and with all things.

Embrace the differences that we hold true to ourselves in our practice but remember the similarities are much stronger and hold way more energy than any specific teaching.

Stay clear of limitations and learn to be infinite in your learning and expansion.

Enlightenment is not a destination. It is a state of being.

It is much simpler than we make it. So don’t complicate it.

I hope this article helped you to see where you may become dogmatic in your practice. And by practice, I simply mean way of living.

Please comment below on an experience you’ve had that touched along these lines and how you overcame it? Or if the final result wasn’t so positive.

Or if you are currently going through something like this, maybe I can lend an ear and offer some advice.

I know for sure I will encounter times in the future when I myself becomes stubborn but I can only hope my soul will clarify it in whatever means necessary. :)

And that means, I will rely on the help of my fellow human beings to “dig me up from under what is covering the better part of me.” – Incubus


Peace, Light, & Love,


“Full awakening simply means that we perceive from the perspective of Spirit – from the view of oneness – all the time. From this awkward perspective, there isn’t any separation anywhere – not in the world, not in the universe, not in all the universes everywhere. The truth is anywhere and everywhere, at all times, in all dimensions, for all beings. It is a truth that is the source of everything that will ever be experienced – in life, after life, in this dimension or any other dimension.” – Adyashanti from The End of Your World






Great article! It got me thinking about something. I’ve been on my journey of find peace with my life, following my heart as a pose to what my mind is telling me( so I don’t stress on the right, wrong, and what ifs) One thing I find very frustrating is now that I try really hard to find the positive in every situation even bad situations, it’s hard when others do not or just refuse to. Some people are really stubborn and do not want to think out side the box. I feel like it sometimes is a daily battle of keeping myself positive and people knocking me back down. I wanted change and I am changing things, but it’s difficult when people poke fun or are just negative. Any advice on how to get through to people, or is walking away and agreeing to disagree sufficient.

Basically my little rant sums up the fact that I hate how some people are just mean miserable and ok being stuck where they are, yet make fun of me and my corky things to be positive, happy and moving forward.


I hear ya completely! I used to let that really bother me too! But then I took a step further with empathy. I realized that sometimes pure positivity is a gut check and a “looking in the mirror” type scenario for others. They are now forced to look at themselves and wonder, “why am I not as happy as him/her?”
So when they don’t want to answer that question or don’t like the answer, they lash out. Some people do it instantly because of their subconscious already reacting under their mentality. Some take a little time to soak it in and then react. It’s ok! :)
It means you are doing your job as a human being!
It could be for a long time, the people you hung around and maybe still do, saw you in a different light. You may have acted differently. Now that you are changing and opening up with love, they don’t know how to react or cope. Their image of you is changing and they don’t like it. Mostly because they don’t like themselves. Again, it’s ok!
Sometimes we have to distance ourselves from these negative energies and move forward. If you’re stronger, you keep them around and work with them on seeing the new you. I find it easier to distance the negativity until you are strong enough to confront it in a positive manner.
I would also note on the empathy factor that these people are suffering far worse than you or I. They can’t understand why you are so happy so you have to empathize with how they feel. It is not easy for sure. But if someone is making fun of you, you have to ask, “do I want to be around this person? and why?”
Resistance, especially from your inner circle, is the first thing you’ll see when you start to open up. You have to decide whether to keep them around or find more positive people. Hope that helps! Thanks for reading!


Thank you so much! This definitely helped me out more than you know. You hit a bunch of stuff right on the head. Definitely will take your advice, your right about stepping back from the negativity when I do so I call it my “bubble”. It works and now seeing it as my time to become stronger to face the negatively will most def help me out! Thanks so much for the time.


You’re welcome! It will take time with making changes but all worth it in the long run! Just keep at it and stay positive…thanks again!

Jesse Light

Chris, I appreciated the response you gave me before, can you help me heal my energy, or give me methods, kindve confusing for me to find an appropriate question for what I am really trying to ask..


Dear Chris, this is a great article, thank you for your insights as they resonate with my own recent experience in attempting to live my spiritual views and to make it real -meaning to remove the pride, as you said and to use it with other people.
I will try to briefly share my experience of living in a family right after I went through own spiritual awakening and realizing how old energies effect me on a daily basis.
After I became perceptive to own energies, I started feeling everything around me and now this is to the point when other people’s energies sort of pulsate through me. I stopped watching TV, being around people is limited, eliminated a lot of friendships. I do it now with pure intention to keep my “home” which is Me clean.
The most challenge though come when I am in my own family, around my husband who continues to experience fear and all related to that. The only way to keep myself sane and ok is to distance myself, not responding to manipulation by expanding my space to protect myself against falling into fearful patterns of the past.
My husband have noticed I became distant and says that I have less and less space for him in my life. I cannot see myself as he is seeing me and can only imagine how drastic changes in me changed all around me.
For example, when he comes around me, I start feeling suffocated, my energy gets blocked in my chest so strong that I need to distant myself physically from him to be ok. Before, I would have succumbed into his emotions but now I feel his anxiety right away and distance myself.
Chris, do you have experience dealing with this? I am trying to find my balance in old reality but I started to understand that being Love is great but this effect of old reality on me physically is very challenging. Do you have any suggestions?
With love


Thanks for reading. I just sent you an email :) Hope it reaches you!




Sounds like you broke through to a positive level in general. This means that you are sensitive to negative energies. It seems like your husband does not fit into your way of being anymore. It’s like two people that are going opposite directions. It is very obvious that you don’t like to succomb to his fearful emotions anymore, therefore, you are distant.


I am experiencing the exact same thing as Maya and would love to receive the same or a similar email!

Umang Dave


Like you, constantly feel the same uneasiness with my father since my childhood. Please share if Chris has suggested some remedy to you.
The point is how to handle the feeling of being unloved & neglect.


I was looking forward to seeing your response to Maya.. I have been feeling that same anxiety filled negative energy from a loved one and I’m to the point of letting go. I’d rather leave and love than stay and the tension worsen

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